The Road Home Program

West and Southwest IAF affiliate The Jeremiah Group, founded nearly 16 years ago in New Orleans, led the initiative to create the Road Home Program. After Hurricane Katrina, the Jeremiah Group found new focus as leaders heard stories about rent doubling and tripling in the recovering city. When Jeremiah leaders discovered that renters in large part had been all but forgotten in the rebuilding process, they crafted a plan: “soft second mortgages” designed to help families with low incomes transform themselves from renters into buyers. Since then, more than $75 million has been allocated to help renters become buyers investing in their own homes and communities.


Homebuyer Subsidy Program to Launch 6 Years After Katrina,
by David Hammer, The Times Picayune, August 8, 2011

Religious Leaders Help Renters Buy in New Orleans,
by Greg Allen, NPR, March 14, 2008