by Ernesto Cortes


Metis and the Metrics of Success
I Used to Think…And Now I Think… Edited by Richard Elmore. Cambridge: Harvard Education Press. 2011.

Quality Education as a Civil Right: Reflections
Quality Education as a Constitutional Right: Creating a Grassroots Movement to Transform Public Schools. Edited by Theresa Perry, Robert Moses, Joan Wynne, Ernesto Cortes, Jr. and Lisa Delpit.  Boston: Beacon Press.  2011.  Review by the New England Journal of Higher Education.

Training and Immigration in the Real World
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On the Power of Education and Community Action
Latinos and the Nation’s Future.  By Henry C. Cisneros.  Houston, Texas: Arte Publico Press. 2009.

Faith, Charity and Justice
The American Prospect, May 2007.

Toward a Democratic Culture
Kettering Review, vol. 24, no.1, Spring 2006.

Habits of Democracy
Texas Observer, November 17, 2006.

Justice at the Gates of the City: A Model of Shared Prosperity
Back to Shared Prosperity: the Growing Inequality of Wealth and Income in America
Edited by Ray Marshall, Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe. 1999.

Reweaving the Social Fabric
Kettering Review, Summer 1996


Plenary on Community Organizing, Democracy and Education at ‘Match on Dry Grass Conference‘ at Harvard (2012). Part 1, Part 2

Roundtable discussion on rebuilding the economy, hosted by The Aspen Institute (2011).


“Powerlessness Corrupts”, Tavis Smiley Show (2012)


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