Austin Interfaith GOTV Efforts Yield Increases up to 131% in Traditionally Low Turnout Areas

"On April 29th, Austin Interfaith held the largest assembly in the city with 500+ organization members at Mount Olive Baptist Church; the church is located in Precinct 124 in East Austin. Early voter turnout increased by 65% compared to 2011 council election turnout and by 9:30pm Saturday night had recorded an 85% increase over final election day turnout from 2011. These increases in raw numbers of voters were the result of coordinated efforts by Austin Interfaith member congregations in East Austin. Efforts included pulpit announcements to vote in congregations, GOTV walks held by 24 leaders over two weekends and phone banking involving a team of 9 additional leaders from downtown congregations..."

Increased Voter Turnout in Traditionally Low Voting Precincts, Austin Interfaith

Austin Interfaith Election Day Efforts, KXAN