Colorado IAF Leverages Public Support for Denver Teachers as Educators Go On Strike

Colorado IAF is standing with teachers as they negotiate with the Denver Public School District to improve teacher compensation and classroom conditions.  After a winter assembly, in which hundreds of Colorado IAF leaders challenged school board members to stand with teachers, many elected officials publicly declared their support, including a Colorado State Senator, Denver Public Schools Boardmember and local City Councilmember. 

When the Governor announced his intent to stay out of the fight, Colorado IAF leaders commended him for "respecting the right of educators in Denver to strike if necessary." 

Teachers propose that the district address turnover by eliminating the School Performance Framework rating system, decreasing one-time pay incentives and increasing salaries for all teachers.  As the school district has, so far, failed to concede, leaders and teachers continue to push back.

Becky Epstein, Executive Director of B’nai Havurah Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, a member of Colorado IAF said: “Our message to the Board and Superintendent is this: the people who best know how to retain teachers, how to support teachers, and what kind of incentives teachers need, are the teachers themselves. We trust them and you should too.”

[Photo Credit: Conor McCormick-Cavanagh, Westword]

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