MOC’s ‘Just Cause Eviction Ordinance’ Spreads, Novato Now Considering Implementation

The City of Novato voted unanimously to consider implementing a ‘Just Cause Eviction Ordinance,’ modeled on one Marin Organizing Committee pushed the county to adopt, which requires landlords to have a just cause for eviction.  The ordinance was created after hearing stories tenants faced with sudden rent hikes (up to 65%) for no apparent reason. After the ordinance MOC pushed for passed in Marin County, leaders soon turned to smaller cities within the County to do the same.  Ordinances are now under consideration in San Rafael and Novato.
Meredith Parnell, a leader of MOC said “It would be helpful for renters across the county if there were some uniformity in protections...we think this is an important step in addressing the affordable housing crisis.”  The leaders continue to fight to protect tenants.

Novato City Council Ponders Just Cause Eviction Ordinance, Marin Independent Journal