Network of Texas IAF Organizations Launches GOTV Campaign to Turn Out 225,000 Voters

1,300 institutional leaders from across the state of Texas convened in San Antonio to publicly launch a campaign to turnout 5% of the projected vote in support of their non-partisan agenda for families. This agenda includes workforce development, public education, access to college, healthcare, infrastructure, a stop to Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation and a balanced plan to address the $18 Billion state deficit. Leaders committed to organizing 2,625 neighborhood walkers to focus on 166 precincts in order to turn out 225,000 voters this fall.


o Texas Observer, Walking the Walk, by Geoff Ripps

o Quorum Report, IAF Groups Promise to Deliver 225,000 Votes (Subscriber) o San Antonio Express News, "GOTV Effort Hopes to Bring Change," by Jan

Jarboe Russell


o August 28th Convention of Texas IAF Organizations

o Campaign to Turnout 225K Voters in Support of Non-Partisan Agenda