1,180 Leaders Launch VOICE in Oklahoma City

"Four years ago, a group of concerned citizens began the Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee (now called Voices Organized in Civic Engagement, or VOICE) to advocate for the residents of Oklahoma City. They held dozens of small meetings in churches and public places to understand the concerns of the local people—the struggling local schools, an inadequate public transportation system, the lack of dignity afforded to undocumented immigrants and the lack of opportunities for people after getting out of prison."

On February 12th, almost 1,200 leaders from 23 institutions and 8 denominations gathered to launch VOICE: Voices Organized in Civic Engagement. Dr. George Young, pastor of Holy Temple Baptist Church asked, "Who will speak for me? ...Do you hear the rumbling?...Do you hear the roar?...I add my voice to the roar: VOICE!"

Video of Founding Convention, Dr. George Young

VOICE for the Voiceless, World Next Door

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