About the Industrial Areas Foundation

The Democratic Promise (1999): Narrated by Alec Baldwin. Directed by Bob Hercules and Bruce Orenstein. Produced by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Part 1, Part 2

Part 3, Part 4

Part 5, Part 6


Ernesto Cortés Jr.

On Moses, Meekness & Anger, Interfaith Education Fund (2014)

On Relational Meetings, Training Excerpt, Nevadans for the Common Good (2014)

On Prophetic Imagination, Boston College (2013)

On Education Reform, Harvard University (2012): Part 1, Part 2

On Rebuilding the Economy We Want, Aspen Institute (2011)

On Anger, Training Excerpt, Pima County Interfaith Council (2006)

On Change, Training Excerpt, (2006)

On Moses, Training Excerpt, (2006)

On Power, Training Excerpt, (2006)

On A Decent Society, Texas Legacy Project (2002)



About Organizations

Bay Area IAF: Marin Organizing Comm. Achievements (2017)

Valley Interfaith: Power Is Not a Dirty Word (2005)


Nevadans for the Common Good: Interviews (2014)

Together Baton Rouge: An Introduction (2012)

Dallas Area Interfaith: Introductory Video (2011)

AMOS: Who We Are (2010)

Border Interfaith (2009)

One LA-IAF: Standing Together (2004)

Project Quest -- Investing in People (1994): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Issue Campaigns

Fight For Medicaid Expansion in Texas, Network of Texas Organizations (2013)

Sex Trafficking in Las Vegas, Nevadans for the Common Good (2013)

Building Bridges in Baton Rouge, Together Baton Rouge (2011)

Fighting Foreclosures in Los Angeles, Brave New Films (2009)


Assemblies, Training & Special Events

Yes!, Nevadans for the Common Good (2014)

Accountability Session, Austin Interfaith (2014)

'Organizing 101' in Spanish, Bay Area IAF (2013)

Project Quest 20th Anniversary (2012)

Nevadans for the Common Good Convention (2012)

Remembering 9/11: Making Their Memory A Blessing, ACT (2011)

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Affiliate Channels with Additional Videos

West / Southwest IAF

Network of Texas IAF Organizations

Nevadans for the Common Good