AMOS Initiates Emergency Fund for Immigrants Who Are Left Out of Stimulus


In an effort to assist Story County residents who are not receiving any help during the coronavirus pandemic, multiple organizations led by United Way of Story County have created an emergency fund for immigrants....

St. Cecilia, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Ames Interfaith Refugee Alliance, Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, and AMOS-Ames are among the organizations that are involved....

Although there are many people struggling throughout Story County and Iowa financially due to COVID-19, the industries that immigrants tend to work in have been devastated, said Rick Exner, a volunteer for AMOS.

“It certainly isn’t the case that immigrants are the only people out of work and unable to pay bills, but

with many immigrants involved in those sectors hardest hit — the hospitality industry, service business, for example — the immigrant community is definitely suffering,” Exner said.

The congregation is asking those wishing to donate to send a check with “COVID-19 Fund for Immigrants” on the memo line to St. Cecilia at 2900 Hoover Ave.

[Photo by David Mullen, Ames Tribune]

Local Organizations Partner Up To Create Emergency Fund For Immigrants, Ames Tribune