Colorado IAF: Coloradans Facing Threat of Eviction, Foreclosure Cry Out for Relief

[Excerpt below]

Despite Gov. Polis’ forceful encouragement to local governments, county courts and landlords to halt evictions, tenants still are getting threats to pay now or get out! 

It’s no wonder people are clamoring for rent strikes, mortgage forbearance and other measures.

Coloradans for the Common Good (CCG), a broad-based, nonpartisan organizing strategy with member congregations, unions and civic organizations, is demanding an immediate statewide moratorium on evictions and a long-term plan to help the housing industry get back on its feet. 

With roughly half of all tenants renting from small landlords, who own one to 10 units, freezing or forgiving rent means mom and pop landlords are at risk of foreclosure.

Without a long-term solution in place, we will see landlords demanding rent and a tsunami of evictions once a moratorium is lifted. 

To address the underlying issues, clergy and civic leaders working with CCG are asking banks, credit unions and landlord associations to join us in crafting solutions that are effective, collaborative and just.

Opinion: Coloradans Facing Threat of Eviction Cry Out for Relief, The Colorado Sun [pdf]