On 20th Anniversary, COPA Renews Covenantal Relationships


"In many of our faith traditions, the idea of covenant provides a template for understanding the way COPA thinks about our work. This means going above and beyond the social contract that establishes the state, government, and laws that bind us … by widening our circles of attachment across income, social, cultural, religious, and racial divides – and creating moral commitments to one another, with shared values and ideals that compel us to work together, despite our differences, for the common good....

Our work with COPA helps our diverse institutions widen our circles of attachment – by joining in covenant with one another and COPA – to form meaningful public relationships and a commitment to work together for the common good.

When the Pajaro River flooded again this year, COPA leaders from Mujeres en Accion and Assumption Catholic Church were immediately on the scene. County officials sought out COPA’s help to convene residents to better understand the needs, and COPA is currently negotiating with officials on the short and long-term responses. Some of this negotiation occurred May 20, when more than 500 COPA leaders assembled at the Golden State Theater in Monterey. Besides dealing with relevant issues like the Pajaro flooding, affordable housing, renter protections, and quality jobs, COPA will celebrate 20 years of working together and will renew our covenant with one another for the work ahead."

Going Above and Beyond the Social ContractVoices of Monterey Bay  

Founded 20 Years Ago, COPA Renews Covenant RelationshipsSanta Cruz Sentinel [pdf]