Albuquerque Interfaith Leaders Fight Changes to New Mexico Driver’s License

"Organizations like the New Mexico Catholic Conference of Bishops and the Albuquerque Interfaith were Santa Fe this week to protest Gov. Susana Martinez's efforts to rescind the state law."

As part of its continuing battle against anti-immigrant efforts, AI leaders organized a 'Preach and Teach' on immigration the week before the state legislature opened. Fourteen congregations (Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Jewish, Unitarian, and Desciples of Christ) and two schools reached over 16,000 people with teachings on immigration from our faith and democratic traditions and on the myths being used in anti-immigrant efforts.

At right, Albuquerque Interfaith leaders prepare themselves for legislative fight.

Churches Take on Drivers' License Debate, KRQE News

Religious Groups Deep In NM Driver's License Fight as Part of Larger Immigration Reform Battle, Albuquerque Journal