David Aguillard

CEO, Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge


"Organizations such as Together Baton Rouge...have a strong foundation in the principles of American democracy, and working with Catholics, these organizations have made significant contributions to improving the lives of the poor and their communities as a whole...."

Full statement here

Rabbi Larry Bach

Sr. Rabbi, Temple Mount Sinai


"We were 'saved' from the decree of a Sabbath in school because of the power of broad-based advocacy and organizing. We owe a debt of gratitude to our friends in Border Interfaith who stood with us..."

Link to article from Mount Sinai Temple newsletter here

Rev. Ronnie Crudup

Admin. Bishop, Fellowship Of Inter. Churches


"After fifteen years of active urban ministry in Jackson Ms., I came to a startling understanding...we needed more than compassion, we needed systemic change. We needed a model of ministry ...which taught power and the how to's of leveraging that power for the common good ....The IAF community organizing model of ministry has been a gift of God and I appreciate the lessons learned and accomplishments achieved in the communities I serve."

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Most Rev. Dan Thomas Edwards

Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Nevada


"The Las Vegas Valley's deepest need is to organize as a community. If we befriend each other and care about each other personally, we can act together politically for the common good. People of different faiths sharing in the common concerns and aspirations of humanity can humanize our Valley into a place where people of all races, colors, and creeds can prosper and flourish together."

Most Reverend Joseph A. Fiorenza

Archbishop Emeritus, Catholic Diocese of Galveston-Houston


"I want to congratulate...the parishioners of Divina Providencia Church, its pastor, Father Chris Plant, the parents of the children, and Neighbors in Action for working with The Metropolitan Organization (TMO) to keep Port Houston open. They have demonstrated Pope Francis' exhortation for parishes to get involved in the community..."

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Most Rev. Daniel Flores

Bishop, Brownsville Catholic Diocese


"I applaud the work in helping bring water to over 160 thousand people across the Valley, increasing wages for public sector workers to alleviate poverty, working with thousands of residents in acquiring their citizenship, improving learning environments in and around our public schools and the list continues with 28 years of victories..."

Complete statement here

Anne Foster

National Executive Director, Parents for Public Schools


"Parents for Public Schools has enjoyed a very productive partnership with the Industrial Areas Foundation in Mississippi. We benefit from their expertise organizing parents as we work to strengthen public schools for all children."

Rev. Glenda Harbert

Co-Pastor, St. Paul Presbyterian Church


"Sometimes the 'least expected' grandmother-type stands face to face with an elected official, not only getting that official's attention, a hearing, but also getting a mayor's personal cellphone number and an important friendship….It is in the power of churches from all areas of the city coming together to speak up, to fight for justice that WTOS obtains credibility among local city, county and state officials in their efforts to speak together…"

Full Statement Here

Michael Lind

Co-Founder, New America Foundation


"Japan honors some of its citizens as Living National Treasures. America has its living national treasures, too. One of them is Ernie Cortes, whose work with the SWIAF is unique—and uniquely valuable—in bridging the divide between thought and action and uniting the personal with the political to the benefit of us all."

Rt. Reverend D. Bruce MacPherson

Retired Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana


"A strong advocate and supporter of Industrial Areas Foundation work since 1980, I believe strongly in the translation of the saving Grace of the Gospel into a voice and witness into the local communities."

Ralph McCloud

National Director, Catholic Campaign for Human Development


"AMOS saves lives by making sure that pregnant mothers have proper prenatal care. AMOS unites communities by bringing together Catholics, health and education advocates, and low-income communities in the hope of raising awareness of birth issues, prenatal health needs, and maternal and child well-being."

Full Statement Here

Paul Osterman

Economist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The first time I connected with the SWIAF was when I was invited to give a seminar on my work. I was stunned to find myself in a large group of leaders who had read my papers and had come prepared with numerous questions and challenges. It was one of the most stimulating events of my professional career but I soon learned it was not unique. The IAF is remarkable in continually educating, encouraging, and building leaders who participate in formulating strategy and who then follow through to ensure that the strategy is executed. The IAF is a university in politics and policy for a remarkably broad swath of Americans."

Most Reverend Richard Pates

Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Des Moines

"The work of social justice is never easy, nor is it quick to bring about in our culture. Thus I am grateful to AMOS for helping us remember and proclaim the scriptural message of social justice in our worship. Thank you for helping us carry that good news into our daily lives."

Letter to AMOS Leaders


Rev. Camille Pentsil

Senior Pastor, Zion United Methodist Church


"The current conditions of our society, the unique nature of the local economy, the absence of adequate services and structural inequalities present the ideal climate for broad based organizing right now in the Las Vegas Valley. Times of challenge present the most opportunities.

The work of the Industrial Areas Foundation in the Las Vegas Valley is what this community needs to move to the next level of leadership.

Leadership by the people for the people. I believe in this work because I believe in the power of the people."

Most Reverend Mark J. Seitz

Bishop, El Paso Catholic Diocese


" are ecumenical organizations...we believe we should cooperate with because they're dealing with very important issues that affect the poorest of our people living in this region. And, they try to give them a voice."

Full Interview Here

Rev. Ruth Santana Grace

Executive Presbyter, San Gabriel Presbytery


"An organizing group we greatly respect, the Pomona Valley Cluster of One LA, is working for justice..."

Original Letter Here

Rev. Dr. Susanna Singer

Professor of Ministry Development, Berkeley Graduate Theological Union


"The mix of denominations and faiths, the challenge of encountering fresh ways to see and articulate and act upon the call to be agents of transformation in the world – all these things combined to make this intensive course a success....it was 'one of the most eye-opening and practical things' in seminary."

Hedrick Smith

Journalist & Author


"Great organizer in the Southwest...in Texas, Southern California, the Sunbelt...he has a great insight. Cortes says, 'Not only does power corrupt, but powerlessness corrupts. It corrupts democracy to the very core."

Interview segment here, Tavis Smiley Show

Ernesto Villarreal

Program Director, ENCORE


"We commend the work conducted by Valley Interfaith in partnership with Edinburg CISD leadership in making the bus routes more efficient for all students and their families living in the community of Hargill…"

Carolyn Watson

Chase Bank, VP, Corporate Responsibility


"The Capital IDEA / Houston Community College partnership works! It gives workers aspiring to a better future the training and practical supports they need to persist to graduation…."

Full statement here