EPISO, Successful in Tackling Water & Sewage, Fights for Infrastructure as Funds Dry Up

In radio coverage about the Texas governor zeroing out the Colonia Initiative Program's nearly $860,000 budget, a story about the success of the El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Committee (EPISO) emerged.

When Fr. Ed Lucero-Rodin first arrived in El Paso in the 1980s he reported being "shocked by the living conditions ... people using centuries-old wells for non-drinking water and DIY septic-tank systems." He joined EPISO, which equipped him to tackle issues like sewage seeping into the groundwater which was causing many in his congregation to get sick.

After decades of success in fighting for water and sewage infrastructure in the colonias, he can now point to a street named after him in a subdivision that used to be a colonia. All the streets are named after El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization (EPISO) leaders who successfully fought to bring water and waste service to this area.

The Texas Standard story covers the state of funding for colonias today.

As Funding Dries Up, Colonia Residents Struggle Without Basic Services, Texas Standard