1,500 NCG Leaders Call for Investment in People of Nevada

Nevadans for the Common Good's 3rd "Convention for the Common Good" drew 1,500 leaders that called on federal, state and local elected officials to invest in education, immigrant integration, and services for the elderly and people with disabilities. Said Rev. Dr. Marta Poling-Goldenne of Reformation Lutheran Church: "We are here tonight because we practice a different kind of politics....We organize people around conversations and relationships... unite people across diverse backgrounds, and we are radically nonpartisan!"

Days later, leaders published a statement professing this "different kind of politics" and urging the Clark County Superintendent and Governor Brian Sandoval to work with them to resolve the teacher shortage crisis. Rabbi Malcolm Cohen, Rev. Dennis Hutson, Barbara Paulsen and Poling-Goldenne write:

"The ancient Greeks believed that the practice of politics was an essential component of being fully human. They would gather together to deliberate, debate and negotiate about the life of their city or polis....Politics should focus on the concrete issues that affect our families and communities. The teacher shortage is one such issue..."

Leaders plan to continue fighting for public investments in Nevadans.

In Pursuit of a Different Kind of Politics, Las Vegas Review-Journal