NCG Gets Trafficking Hotline Number Posted in Vegas Transport Hubs

After a bill that would have mandated the posting of the hotline number in Nevada was killed at the eleventh hour (11:30 PM on the last day of the session) due to unrelated political squabbles, leaders of Nevadans for the Common Good pursued a local route. Barbara Bell of Green Valley UMC and Nancy Thompson of Grass Valley UMC organized a meeting with the County Commissioner to discuss posting the National Sex Trafficking Hotline number at important transportation hubs so that trafficking victims could see them. The Commissioner agreed to work with NCG and changes are already in place; the McCarran International Airport has posted the number and signs are now displayed on buses and at bus shelters throughout Las Vegas. Taking the local route was an effective way to accomplish an important goal without waiting for the next legislative session in 2015.

Stories of Human Trafficking Turn Valley Woman into Activist, Las Vegas Review Journal