Rev. Ronnie Crudup, Administrative Bishop

Fellowship Of International Churches


"In 1992, after fifteen years of active urban ministry in Jackson Ms., I came to a startling understanding. I grasped the revelation that no matter how benevolent and compassionate I and the people I served were toward the needy, we wouldn't bring a solution to the problems before us. We needed more than compassion, we needed systemic change. We needed a model of ministry in addition to what we already had, which taught power and the how to's of leveraging that power for the common good through the Church. That was a watershed moment in my life, and here I am eighteen years later, with thirty plus years of ministry under my belt, and now possessing a full arsenal of ministry assets to win the battle with. The IAF community organizing model of ministry has been a gift of God and I appreciate the lessons learned and accomplishments achieved in the communities I serve. These lessons and techniques should be studied by every churchperson, and all others who have the community at heart!"