TBO Leaders Call Out Border Hospital Board for Secret Vote

Three and a half years ago, leaders of The Border Organization pressured the Val Verde Regional Medical Center board to contract with a reputable health management system in response to deteriorating hospital services and several million dollars of public debt. The Board of Val Verde eventually chose Methodist Healthcare System (MHS), and the hospital is currently millions of dollars in the black.

However, the Board recently held a secret election to vote in a new CEO, nullifying the managing contract with MHS and sparking public concern about the possibility of corruption:

"Leaders of The Border Organization are asking the Del Rio Hospital Board to immediately call a special meeting to nullify the vote to hire the hospital's chief executive officer....The vote was taken by a so-called secret ballot. They did not have to sign their names to the ballots they cast... There is a reason that a public board must take a public vote. TBO leaders believe that the people of the community have a right to know how the people they elected to represent them voted on this important issue...."

Del Rio Hospital Board Called Out for Hiring Practices Around CEO, Del Rio News Herald

TBO Leader Sandra Fuentes can be contacted at: 830-313-2813.