Texas Organizations Along South & West Borders Expand Leadership

In effort to expand the membership base beyond Del Rio, leaders with The Border Organization are working to recruit new institutions in neighboring cities such as Brackettville and identifying potential leaders in Methodist and Lutheran congregations in Maverick County / Eagle Pass.

At the same time, leaders of The Border Organization have succeeded in opening local school gyms for organized youth sports; they are working with Republican Congressman Quico Fonseco on identifying federal financial resources to rebuild water and sewer infrastructure in the center of the City of Del Rio and build a new bridge into the Las Cienegas Terrace colonia.


The West Texas Organizing Strategy, in San Angelo, is working to expand its leadership base into two Catholic congregations through leadership development training sessions targeted at people identified through a recent individual meeting campaign. In the City of Lubbock, a clergy caucus was recently reestablished. An intense individual meeting campaign is in progress to identify 60-80 new leaders, including pastors from two African American congregations.


Leaders in the Laredo organizing effort are working towards a delegates assembly to establish a sponsoring committee. Over 80 potential clergy and lay leaders were identified through an individual meeting campaign. The project has also leveraged $40K in grants.