'Working Together Jackson' Launches Effort to Rebuild Jackson

1806-WTJ-Assembly-to-Rebuild-Jackson-Compilation-300x300.jpgOver 350 leaders from 35 institutions of Working Together Jackson assembled with Mayor Lumumba, securing commitments to form a West Jackson Working group with WTJ to develop a plan for the rebuilding West Jackson.

The Mayor committed to having the Zoo Area Progressive Partnership (a WTJ member) vet all new members of the Zoo Board as well as to convening the newly formed Medical Corridor Commission, raising $1.5 million to fund Fresh Food Finance, and participating in the WTJ research work around public transportation by riding a long with WTJ members.

Said a Clarion-Ledger columnist:

"This group of black, white and various ethnicities gives hope for a better Jackson."

Can Jackson Be Saved? Yes And It Must Be, Clarion-Ledger