VOICE OKC Organizes for Improved City Human Services

[Excerpt below]

Earlier this year, Tena Jefferson received a late-night call from Oklahoma City police while she was out of town. Her house had been broken into, and the officer had the suspect in custody.

It was a family member who was dealing with mental illness problems and had recently been released from the hospital.

“The officer was very, very nice when I explained the situation,” Jefferson recalled. “But he said the only thing I could do is either charge him or (the officer) could turn him loose on the street. Those were my two options. Neither one acceptable.”

This story is not unique to members of VOICE, a local civic engagement organization made up of worker’s groups, various nonprofits, church congregations and others....

[Photo Credit: Phil Landsberger, The Oklahoman]

Many OKC Residents Want MAPS 4 to Focus on Social Services, Human NeedsThe Oklahoman [pdf]