Working Together Jackson Negotiates Water Bill Repayment Plans for Residents

After months of research and negotiation to address a municipal crisis in water billing and repayment, the City of Jackson announced a plan, developed in collaboration with Working Together Jackson, to both help the residents repay past-due bills and the Public Works Department collect essential payments.

“As a result of our collaborative efforts with the Public Works Department, there are now multiple payment options available where before there was only one,” Working Together Jackson said. “But more importantly, there are objective criteria so if you act in good faith you will not leave without being presented options to pay your bill in a way that works for both you and the City.”

The plans were informed by conversations organized by leaders through house meetings and water bill advocacy sessions in which residents brought their bills and learned how to manage repayment.  

[Photo Credit: Seyma Bayram, Jackson Free Press]

Jackson Unveils Water-Bill Payment Plan Required for Delinquent Residents, Jackson Free Press

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