TMO Clergy, with Bishops, Call for a Regional 'Justice Summit' to Address Police Misconduct

The Metropolitan Organization calls for the following areas to be addressed:

1. Changing the present culture within police departments from a culture of intimidation and punitive responses to one of community policing which focuses on developing relationships within the community.

2. Raising the hiring standards of police to increase the degree of professionalism.

3. Effective and rapid implementation by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement of their recent decision to require all Texas police officers to learn how implicit bias can affect their actions.

4. Require the introduction of programs in all police departments to provide for the ongoing mental health wellness and care for the mental health needs of officers.

5. The elimination of qualified immunity that shields law enforcement officers from being sued for their discretionary actions.

6. The establishment of Independent Police Auditors with subpoena power in municipalities to independently investigate allegations of police misconduct.

7. Timely and effective investigation of all police shootings, allegations of excessive force and in-custody deaths by the Harris County District Attorney Civil Rights Division and prosecution of all officers where it is warranted.

[Photo credit: Godofredo A. Vásquez, Houston Chronicle]

Opinion: Faith leaders Call For Justice Summit With Government And Community Leaders To Reduce Police MisconductHouston Chronicle [pdf]