Working Together Jackson Calls for Change to State Flag


[Working Together Jacksoninterfaith leaders stood on the steps of the Catholic cathedral in downtown Jackson Thursday morning, calling for the immediate removal of the Mississippi state flag.

In a resounding a voice, they said any discussion of what design should replace the current flag must not impede the current goal: Taking down a flag associated with white supremacy.

"Anything is better than what we've got now," said Bishop Ronnie Crudup of New Horizon Church International.

People have been protesting for racial justice in Mississippi and across the nation this month at levels not seen since the civil rights movement more than 50 years ago.

There is renewed hope that the Legislature might act to change the state flag, which contains what is commonly known as the confederate battle flag.

"It is time," said Bishop Brian Seage of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi. "It is time for a new flag that truly represents all of us... We call for our legislative leaders to act now."

Bishop Joseph Campbell of the Church of Christ likened the flag to "a large splinter in my hand."