200 COPS / Metro Examines Living Wages in San Antonio Wage Fight

Almost 200 COPS / Metro Alliance leaders from twenty-nine institutions spent a Sunday afternoon examining the state of wages in San Antonio — and found that state sorely lacking!

A diverse mix of congregational members from Catholic, Unitarian, Lutheran, and Baptist denominations, as well as unions, public schools and colleges, gathered to study the City of San Antonio's proposed budget, its impact on the local economy and how it may fund better wages for working families.

Leaders shared real stories of economic insecurity rooted in poverty wages. Presentations from UTSA, Oblate School of Theology and SAISD faculty fueled a lively discussion on our religious and civic traditions of shared prosperity. By the end of the meeting these community leaders committed to teaching others in their institutions about what they learned and to gather for a larger Living Wages and Economic Security Assembly in the Fall.

Photo Album, COPS / Metro Alliance