Colorado IAF Launches ‘Sign Up Take Charge’ Campaign with Adams 14 Parents, Teachers and Students


Angry about their exclusion from school decisions, 225 parents, teachers and students from Adams 14 assembled at Our Lady Mother of the Church in Commerce City to launch a 'Sign Up & Take Charge' campaign to fight for an agenda of issues informed by conversations in the community.

Barb McDowell, president of the Classroom Teacher's Association (CTA), explained, "our agenda includes recess for all elementary students, accurate class schedules from day one, parental participation in creating the school calendars, hiring and keeping our counselors" .... and restoration of a highly valued bilingual program through the 5th grade.

The parents, teachers and students were joined by Superintendent Abrego, other school district officials, a State Senator Dominick Morenao and Commerce City councilmembers.

Said Regina Hurtado, who has four children in the district, "Our strategy is to build our own base of voters and supporters so we can be prepared for future elections....We are ready to organize ourselves."