Nebraska Cattlemen & Restaurant Associations Join OTOC FOR Immigration Reform

Perhaps for the first-time ever, representatives from Nebraska Associations as disparate as Restaurants, Cattlemen and Dairy joined the owner of Campbell's Nurseries and the co-chair of IAF organization Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) in a strongly worded plea for support of immigration reform. Stating that "the current immigration system hinders Nebraska employers from maintaining a stable workforce and hurts law-abiding Nebraska businesses" they note that "there is nothing 'seasonal' about feeding or caring for livestock," among other occupations.

Jim Partington, Executive Director of the Nebraska Restaurant Association and Dick Campbell, owner of Campbell's Nurseries in Lincoln joined OTOC co-chair Kathleen Grant in urging Nebraskans to support comprehensive immigration reform. The Nebraska Cattlemen and Nebraska State Dairy Association also approved the column.

Immigration Reform Good for Nebraska Business, Journal Star