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Valley Interfaith Expands Sewage Lines into Donna Colonias

Leaders of Valley Interfaith succeeded in expanding sewage infrastructure into the colonias of Donna, for the first time bringing first-world drainage to its residents. Before this expansion, people relied on septic tanks which would overflow during the rainy season, causing numerous health problems for families.

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‘Quality Education as an Constitutional Right’ Reviewed

New Amendment: Quality Education as a Constitutional Right, The New England Board of Higher Education

Ernesto Cortes Interviewed at Rutgers University

Interview with Dr. Norm Glickman, Rutgers University Breakfast Barracks

Together Baton Rouge Works to Improve Bus Service & Transform Community

"Changing BR Together." The Advocate, 05/21/11

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Disappointed Crowd Seeks Answers on Social Service Funding Process

In Fact Daily

May 13, 2011

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Foro de Interfé de la Frontera Enfoca en Inmigración, Votación

Por Aaron Bracamontes \ EL PASO TIMES

Posted: 04/14/2011 12:00:00 AM MDT

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Vienen Mas de 400 a Foro de Candidatos

Por John Hall, El Paso Times

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Organizace, Vote Para Asegurar Igualdad, Justicia

Por el Reverendo Wayne Kendrick y el Reverendo Ken Ducre

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Austin Interfaith Knocks On Doors to Get Out the Vote

So Far, Another Sleepy Austin Election, KUT News

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