Religious Join OTOC in Call for Extension of 'Temporary Protected Status'

In an effort to stand with immigrants, Nebraska Lutheran Bishop Brian Maas, Catholic Archdiocese Chancellor Rev. Tim McNeill, and College of St. Mary President Maryanne Stevens joined Omaha Together Organized Communities (OTOC) in a column calling on Congress for an 18-month extension of 'Temporary Protective Status (TPS).'

TPS allows immigrants and refugees like OTOC leader and 20-year resident Wilfredo Rivera (featured in photo above) to avoid deportation. This issue affects 400,000 immigrants nationally, not including their children.

This coordinated stand resulted from house meetings hosted by San Andres Lutheran Church, a predominantly Central American congregation and new member of OTOC. These house meetings were followed by a number of actions including educational civic academies on the subject.


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