Together Louisiana Reminds Sen. Cassidy of Medicaid Promise

To the surprise of many, both Louisiana Senators voted in favor of two health care measures that would roll back Medicaid funding. In response, Together Louisiana publicly reminded one of the Senators of his Medicaid promises:

"Sen. (Bill) Cassidy has shown, in a way that has been refreshing and sometimes surprising, intelligence, thoughtfulness, content knowledge and compassion in his assessments of the realities of the health care bills as they've worked their way through the House and the Senate. He has said on many occasions and in many different forms, in small settings and large settings, including face to face interviews and to members of Together Louisiana, that he would not support the Senate bill in the current form because it was too devastating an effect on individual people and on health care markets. And yesterday he voted for that bill."

While both measures failed to pass during the first days of debate, leaders hoped to get through to their legislator before the next vote.

Said Stephanie McCoy, "Senator Cassidy, please don't abandon and my daughter. Please don't let us down." McCoy's daughter, like that of April Blackburn, is receiving healthcare through Medicaid expansion.

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