Scottsdale USD Joins VIP Call for Increased School Funding

"The Valley Interfaith Project is sparking a grass-roots movement to increase school funding statewide, and the Scottsdale Unified School District is the first to jump onboard.

Last week, the Scottsdale district governing board endorsed a resolution calling on the state Legislature 'to fulfill its constitutional duty to fully restore the recent cuts in school funding.'

The resolution, which notes that the state has cut base funding to the district by $20 million since 2008, was drafted by a group of parents in the district who are working with Valley Interfaith Project, a non-profit group of 40 churches and other institutions that promotes civic engagement. Valley Interfaith also is active in advocating for the expansion of Medicare in Arizona, and supported a tax increase imposed by the Maricopa Community Colleges."

Valley Interfaith Prodding Parent Groups on School Funding, The Republic

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