WTJ Launches 'Better Schools, Better Jobs' Initiative

This summer, Working Together Jackson drew 432 leaders into 36 house meetings about the state of (under)employment in Mississippi and the need for a Workforce Development Institute to prepare workers for a changing economy -- and specifically to pair ambitious individuals (who undergo training) with employers seeking better employees. Jackson businessman Charles Hooker noted that Mississippi "often promotes itself as offering 'good, affordable labor.' Sometimes 'affordable' is a euphemism for cheap. Cheap labor not only provides harsh, undignified, not-so-enjoyable lifestyle to those who can do better, it also limits the prosperity of the greater community."

In a related initiative around school funding, Working Together Jackson leaders signed up almost 7,000 (18% of Hinds County) for the 'Better Schools, Better Jobs' initiative, a petition to place on the ballot a proposed amendment to the state constitution to require full funding for Mississippi schools.

Needed: A Workforce Ready to Succeed, Jackson Free Press