NCG Pushes $40 Million Affordable Housing Tax Credit Program Through State Legislature


Citing a statewide affordable housing crisis, Nevadans for the Common Good threw their political weight behind a proposed tax credit program (recommended by an interim state legislative committee) as the most significant and winnable step forward to improve access to affordable housing.  Leaders succeeded in pushing the bill, expected to create 2,400 affordable units over 4 years, through the state legislature.  The new program is designed to encourage private housing developers to build affordable housing for low-income households, and will provide developers $10 Million per year in tax credits to do so.  

NCG leaders laid the groundwork for this legislative change with a listening campaign and nine months of research actions in 2018.  They organized nonpartisan accountability assemblies (photos above), secured the Governor's commitment to support this legislation, and included a call to support this legislation in their postcard campaign.   Leaders furthermore testified at the legislature and met with individual legislators to remind them of their commitments.

NCG recognize that this action alone will not solve the Nevada housing crisis, but are celebrating this as an important step in the right direction.  

Nevada's Affordable Housing CrisisNevadans for the Common Good