AMOS & City of Des Moines Kick Off Community Land Trust Advisory


The city of Des Moines and A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS) are accepting applications from community stakeholders interested in sitting on the advisory committee for a proposed Community Land Trust in an effort to reserve land for permanent affordable housing....

Officials and AMOS say the land trust will be classified as a nonprofit organization with the goal to provide “a supply of sustainable housing for residents with low to moderate incomes” and strengthen, stabilize and preserve neighborhoods...

Homes built on land trust properties will be “made available at a significantly reduced price for lower income home buyers....” 

The land trust could help low-income homebuyers afford a home as well as gain equity in the home... [W]hen land trust homes are sold to another income-qualified buyer, the seller typically receives their initial investment and a percentage of increased land and home equity.

[Photo Courtesy of AMOS]

City, AMOS Start Recruitment for Community Land Trust Advisory Committee, Business Record [pdf]