AMOS Focuses on Impact of Trauma & Poverty on Children

Building on a public conversation about juvenile criminal justice, initiated last year by AMOS, almost 800 people gathered at Iowa Events Center to hear the latest findings on the developing brains of children and youth.

Dr. Dipesh Navsaria explained that when young children are routinely stressed, such as in cases of abuse, "their systems bombard them with 'flight or flight' hormones", the overproduction of which can stunt their ability to control their emotions or even learn.

In 2013, AMOS launched a campaign calling into question a sudden rise in juvenile detentions and disturbing racial dynamics at play. This campaign stimulated a public conversation about law enforcement practices as they relate to children and youth. "Developing Brain, Developing Accountability" conference was put together in collaboration with Des Moines University, Unity Point Health and other entities.

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