Austin Interfaith Wins Historic Living Wage Vote for School Construction

Labor caucus leaders of Austin Interfaith leveraged a historic living wage vote from AISD school board members in a close-to-midnight vote approving the use of federal Davis-Bacon wage standards for workers employed on school construction projects. After months of deliberation and negotiation, labor caucus members of Austin Interfaith testified at AISD board proceedings, backed by a crowd of supporters.

Catholic Bishop Joe Vasquez's letter exhorting the Board to support Davis-Bacon wages was followed by impassioned testimony from leaders representing LiUNA, Education Austin, IBEW, Painters Local 1779, Pipefitters, Workers Defense Projects, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and the Equal Justice Center. Plans are in the works for the school district to soon establish an accompanying living wage floor to raise the wages of the lowest paid workers.

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