COPS / Metro Gains Support of Mayor on $13 / Hour Living Wage

In a dramatic reversal of her position on living wages, Mayor Ivy Taylor threw her support behind COPS / Metro's proposal to raise the minimum the City pays its employees from $11.47 / hour to $13 /hour. Taylor threw in her support days after City Manager Sheryl Sculley included the measure in the proposed budget for the City of San Antonio.

This raise will directly impact 1,300 - 1,500 City employees who, in the words of Councilmember Ray Lopez, might no longer "have to have a second or third job." An additional 1,500 workers would indirectly benefit through wage compression, in which those currently earning close to $13 / hour will also see their wages rise.

Said COPS / Metro leader Esmeralda Rodriguez (at podium in photo), "The public sector should lead the way." Also in photo are Councilmembers Warrick, Gonzales, Lopez and Medina; all four support the living wage proposal.

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