IESC Leverages Multiple Mitigations for Cleaner Air

After months of battling for cleaner air, Pomona Valley leaders of the Inland Empire Sponsoring Committee leveraged multiple concessions on a waste transfer station agreement. A maximum of 50 trucks would be permitted on and off the site per day. All trucks would be required to operate on clean compressed natural gas or other alternative fuels. Tonnage limits (at 66% of the original proposal) will help prevent neighboring suburbs from shrugging off its processing responsibilities; the transfer station will accept trash almost singularly from Pomona. And a new code enforcement position has been created to monitor particulate standards and ensure that other stations in the region operates in complies with clean air standards.

Still in negotiation are a "Clean and Green" fund and a Council task force that would examine the entire industrial area and how to clean up currently unmonitored recycling polluters.

Pomona Council Gives Go-Ahead to Building Waste Transfer Station, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Pomona Transfer Station May be Decided Monday Night, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin