MOC Confronts Deportation & Eviction Threats to Immigrants

MOC Confronts Deportation, Eviction Threats

Fierce winter rains were not enough to stop over 300 leaders of Marin Organizing Committe from convening to discuss the dual threats many immigrants face: deportation and loss of housing.

Leaders broke into small group meetings at San Rafael Catholic Church to share stories of deportation threats, surprise evictions (including a mother evicted 5 days after giving birth), and rents increased five times within one year, often after tenants complained about a stove burner not working or mold on the carpet.

MOC will host a follow up renters' protections study session to explore potential responses. Elected officials in attendance, including newly elected Supervisor Dennis Rodoni and San Rafael Police Chief Diana Bishop, committed to supporting initiatives to address the issues unearthed in the conversations.

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