MOC Protects Renters with 'Just Cause' Ordinance Win in Marin County

After careful agitation by leaders of Marin Organizing Committeethe Marin County Board of Supervisors passed a 'Just Cause for Evictions' Ordinance with a unanimous vote.  Leaders [in photo above] filled the County chambers in support of the ordinance which is expected to protect approximately 3,400 renters currently without protection from arbitrary eviction in Marin. 

In its coverage of the meeting, and the multi-year fight, Marin Independent Journal called Marin Organizing Committee "the leading voice calling for action to address the housing crisis."  

The Just Cause Ordinance was carefully crafted to provide protection to tenants without restricting landlords from acting to remove problem occupants.  Evictions are permitted when tenants skip out on rent, breach rental contracts and or pose other problems. 

While the ordinance is limited to protecting only tenants in unincorporated Marin, leaders are hopeful that the data collection incorporated in the ordinance will establish important evidence about rental conditions across the County.  

Marin Supervisors Improve Renter Protection With 'Just Cause' OrdinanceMarin Independent Journal [pdf

Marin Supervisors Support 'Just Cause' Rule for EvictionsMarin Independent Journal [pdf]