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Together Baton Rouge Publicly Launches

"Building Relationships," by Stephanie Riegel, Baton Rouge Business Report

Austin Interfaith Launches Voter Turnout Drive

"In Dove Springs, a Drive for More Voters, Services," Juan Castillo, Austin American Statesman

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Hundreds of Dallas Area Interfaith Leaders Walk in the Rain to Get Out The Vote

"Hitting the Streets to Get Out The Vote," NBC News

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Dallas Area Interfaith Organizes Mega Neighborhood Walks

In line with the Texas-wide GOTV strategy, Dallas Area Interfaith organized several "mega" walks with over five hundred walkers going out into the neighborhoods surrounding their institutions to seek support for their statewide agenda. They have organized five phone bank events to reach out to voters who still have not voted, in addition to organizing training sessions in Fort Worth.

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Albuquerque Interfaith Protects $18 Million in Spending for Lower Income Schools

After 400 Albuquerque Interfaith (AI) leaders knocked on doors to pass a February 2010 bond measure including $30 million to be invested in schools serving primarily students of color, the school district attempted to divert $20 million into a large (unjustified) district training facility. Leaders of AI fought back and in September the district decided to delay the project at least two years and return all but $2 million of the diversion to classroom construction and renovation.

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Valley Interfaith Rolls Out Voter Turnout Campaign