Together Baton Rouge Fights to End Food Deserts in Baton Rouge

Together Baton Rouge (TBR) leaders, in collaboration with the East Baton Rouge Food Policy Commission created last year by the Mayor with TBR, delivered five recommendations to a crowd of 80 residents working to end food deserts in East Baton Rouge. TBR leader Edgar Cage reported that, 17% of the parish population lives in areas with "unacceptably low access" to grocery stores -- while the national average hovers at 8%.

"There are many nurturing mothers who care what goes into our bodies and our children's bodies," said Tamika Mason Porter. "And we'll make sacrifices to do it." The real issue, she said, is getting access to those good food choices.

Together Baton Rouge is putting its political muscle behind the recommendations to expand access to healthy foods, including proposed construction of grocery stores that can serve as local business anchors.

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