AMOS Leverages $1.8M to Diversify & Retain Local Mental Health Workers

This week, Polk County Supervisors approved AMOS' proposal to invest $1.8 million in ARPA funds to diversify and retain mental health providers through a scholarship and loan forgiveness program. This win is the result of over 10 months of organizing work including:

  • Hundreds of conversations in Mental Health Civic Academies that surfaced workforce needs, including to fully staff the Children's Mental Health Crisis system AMOS worked so hard to secure
  • A 'Mental Health Provider Summit' in December to understand providers' specific workforce needs and barriers
  • 100+ AMOS leaders contacting Polk County supervisors in support of AMOS' mental health workforce proposal
  • 4 AMOS leaders testifying at a Polk County Supervisors meeting to share the need for this investment, particularly for refugee and immigrant communities
  • AMOS representation at mental health task force meetings by a First Unitarian leader 

AMOS leaders plan to continue to work with Polk County to ensure that the funds are administered to maximize accessibility and impact.