COPS/Metro Fights for Housing Rehab in Mayoral Election Runoff

After forcing a runoff election into June, COPS/Metro Alliance leaders organized a second nonpartisan "Get Out The Vote Rally" with over 350 people to reaffirm public commitments made by mayoral and city council candidates. Leaders (again) asked candidates to recommit their support for increased funding for owner-occupied home improvements (described as a way to help long-time residents age-in-place), protections for undocumented immigrants, and a raised living wage standard for municipal workers.

Some candidates agreed to aggressively push the organization's goals. Others remained conspicuously absent.

The following two weekends, leaders knocked on doors and made targeted phone calls. Said Maria Tijerina, "We're fiercely nonpartisan, but we do tell our constituencies who's in favor of the COPS/Metro Alliance agenda."

Runoff Candidates Recommit to COPS / Metro Alliance Agenda, Rivard Report

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April accountability assembly