COPS/Metro & Allies Protest Detention: "Let Our Babies Go"

More than 50 COPS / Metro Alliance leaders and allies assembled outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office in San Antonio A protest the continued detention of thousands of immigrant women and children in Texas. About 2,200 detainees, mostly women and children, are detained in two facilities in Texas -- Dilly and Karnes, some for as long as one year. Protesters brought baby shower balloons, socks and diapers to the ICE office to represent the children held in detention. Leaders from Texas UU Justice Ministry, Interfaith Welcome Coalition, RAICES and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network called on ICE to transfer detainees to family members in the US who can pay for their housing, food and assistance.

Sr. Sharon Altendorff, speaking for COPS / Metro, called on ICE to "see these people not as threats, but as refugees seeking safety.... stop holding these women and children in these detention centers" and stop returning people to "the horror" from which they fled.

'Let Our Babies' Go:' Protesters Rally Against Immigrant Family Detention, Rivard Report

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