CCG Leaders Raise Flag About Bias in School Accountability System


"I have seen firsthand how this accountability system targets neighborhood schools and our students of color,” said Germaine Padberg-Ludlow, a Denver elementary teacher and member of Coloradans for the Common Good, a coalition of community, union and faith groups supporting the audit.

Padberg-Ludlow previously taught at Denver’s John Amesse Elementary School, which was closed and then reopened with new leadership over the objections of parents and teachers. At the time, Denver Public Schools had its own rating system and a more aggressive school closure process than required by state law. She said the system drives teacher turnover, forcing students to build new relationships and widening achievement gaps.

[Photo credits: Nathan W. Armes, Chalkbeat, left; Coloradans for the Common Good,right]

Colorado School Accountability Audit Moves Forward, Chalkbeat [pdf]