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WTOS in Lubbock and San Angelo Launches GOTV and Parish Development Campaign

Leaders in West Texas committed to signing up 2,000 voters in advance of the gubernatorial election this fall. They have also secured commitments to organize parish development efforts in three congregations.

Jeremiah Group Calls for School Board Accountability

"JP School Board Candidates Vow Accountability," by Jennifer Van Vrancken, Fox News

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Albuquerque Interfaith Reclaims Public School Funds & Promotes Workforce Development in County

Leaders with Albuquerque Interfaith held the public school district accountable for capital spending when officials attempted to subordinate classroom funding for an unnecessary $30 million district training facility. Building on a two-year reprieve won earlier in the year, Albuquerque Interfaith succeeded in reclaiming almost all the money for investment in classroom construction and renovation.

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AMOS Ministers Get Bi-Partisan Support for $1.4 Million in Long-Term Job Training

Des Moines ministerial leaders organized an assembly of more than 500 to leverage support for $1.4 Million in investments for workforce development. The pilot program will be modeled after Project Quest (and sister SWIAF workforce development projects) and follows a trip to San Antonio with the director of Iowa workforce development and the President of the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation. Both gubernatorial candidates committed to working with AMOS to secure state monies and identify other funding sources.

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AMOS Leverages Bi-Partisan Support for Workforce Development

"Governor Candidates Endorse New Jobs Training Program," by Tyler O'Neil, Des Moines Register

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Albuquerque Interfaith Holds Accountability Session with County Sheriff and Board

"Candidates for Sheriff Address Immigration," by Joe Vigil, KOB Eyewitness News 4

VIP Organizes Assembly to Address Arizona’s Budget and Education Crises

"Candidates Address Faith Forum," by Michelle Ye Hee Lee, The Arizona Republic

COPS / Metro Alliance Promotes School Bond Measure & Accountability with Neighborhood Walks

"In SAISD Bond Vote, History Meets the Future," by Veronica Flores - Paniagua, San Antonio Express-News

"Group Favors In-House Oversight for SAISD Bond," by Lindsay Kastner, San Antonio Express-News