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Texas IAF Workforce Strategies Praised in National Media

MIT economist Paul Osterman names various Texas IAF strategies 'models' for the nation while discussing his new book, Good Jobs America: Making Work Better for Everyone.

In the New York Times he notes that despite low wages in the Rio Grande Valley, "the Valley is not organization Valley Interfaith has pushed for training opportunities and living wage jobs."

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Marin Organizing Committee Reforms Vehicle Impoundment Policy in San Rafael, Northern California

After assembling over 400 leaders to demand that elected officials in San Rafael include MOC in decision-making about the devastating impact of vehicle impoundment on working families, the San Rafael Police Department announced a change in the policy.

"Since forming a few years ago, the MOC has forged a potent new political force in the county." -- Pacific Sun

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Albuquerque Interfaith Leaders Fight Changes to New Mexico Driver’s License

"Organizations like the New Mexico Catholic Conference of Bishops and the Albuquerque Interfaith were Santa Fe this week to protest Gov. Susana Martinez's efforts to rescind the state law."

As part of its continuing battle against anti-immigrant efforts, AI leaders organized a 'Preach and Teach' on immigration the week before the state legislature opened. Fourteen congregations (Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Jewish, Unitarian, and Desciples of Christ) and two schools reached over 16,000 people with teachings on immigration from our faith and democratic traditions and on the myths being used in anti-immigrant efforts.

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Valley Interfaith Project Awarded Arizona Grant

Jeremiah Group Creates 'The Road Home' Program to Move 1,000 into Homeownership

After the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, Jeremiah Group leaders found new focus as they heard stories about rent doubling and tripling in the recovering city. When leaders discovered that renters had been all but forgotten in the rebuilding process, they crafted a plan: "soft second mortgages" designed to help families with low incomes transform themselves from renters into buyers.

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AMOS Leaders Push Skate Park Plans Forward

Downtown Skate Park Plans Roll Forward

Des Moines Register - Des Moines, Iowa

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Catholic Bishop of Brownsville ‘Applauds the Work’ of Valley Interfaith in South Texas

Bishop_Daniel_E._Flores_2-1.jpgMost Rev. Daniel Flores

Bishop, Brownsville Catholic Diocese

"I applaud the work in helping bring water to over 160 thousand people across the Valley, increasing wages for public sector workers to alleviate poverty, working with thousands of residents in acquiring their citizenship, improving learning environments in and around our public schools and the list continues with 28 years of victories..."

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Institutions of Austin Interfaith Get City to Expand Construction Safety Training

Leaders from the Worker's Defense Project, a member institution of Austin Interfaith, successfully lobbied city council members to pass a resolution that will protect and train workers on all city-owned construction sites, whether or not a third-party is the developer. Until now, city contracts did not require safety trainings where third parties developed city-owned property. The resolution also requires that a safety supervisor with 30 hours of training be present at construction sites.

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Pomona One LA Hits the Sidewalks to Engage Hundreds in Fight Against Waste Station

"Since the beginning of this year, parishioners at St. Madeleine Church in Pomona have worked with fellow members of the community-based One L.A. to oppose the proposed Ninth Street Pomona Valley Waste Transfer Station. On Aug. 13, about 50 people,” comprised primarily of St. Madeline parishioners along with representatives from other local Christian churches and the Association of Pomona Teachers, "hit the sidewalks to rally support for their cause..."

St. Madeleine Rallies Against Pomona Waste Transfer Station, The Tidings: Southern California's Catholic Weekly

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