TMO Fights Off Gentrification in Houston Neighborhood

TMO leaders of Resurrection Catholic Church won the first of two council votes to protect the Denver Harbor neighborhood from predatory development. This council vote established Chapter 42 Minimum Lot Size protection for 100 properties in the Denver Harbor area, preventing the lots from being subdivided below the minimum prevailing lot size, as is often the practice when developers build multiple townhomes on what was originally a single residence.

Resurrection leaders visited 26 churches and held multiple meetings with over 200 residents just to begin this effort. They then identified 800 properties for protection in three applications to the city. All three applications for Chapter 42 were approved by the Planning Commission and sent to the City Council. This was the first and smallest of the applications to pass. The remaining two are being considered together and will come before council at a later date. In the meantime, Resurrection leaders have targeted another application protecting 200 more properties.