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Hundreds March in Pomona Against Waste Transfer Station

After hundreds of leaders marched to City Hall to protest the expansion of a waste station in the poorest neighborhoods of Pomona, the Planning Commission postponed the vote two more weeks to give more time to review the proposal. Says Magdalena Uceda, "I think the commissioners realized that they needed to really do their job and examine what is being proposed."

This march follows One LA's submission of 400 signatures from neighborhoods surrounding the proposed transfer station, and a push from regional clergy and Bishops; 28 businesses also lined up against the waste station.

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OTOC Focuses Nebraska Legislators on Immigration

450 Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) leaders assembled to focus state legislators' attention on immigration. Stories of immigrants and refugees highlighted the economic and legal realities faced by Omaha newcomers while business, religious and academic allies testified about the impact of immigrants on Nebraska, making a case for comprehensive immigration reform at the national level and against piecemeal legislation at the state. Three of the five key Senators on the Judicial Committee participated in the assembly.

OTOC Keeps Focus on Immigration, Omaha World Herald

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One LA Assembles for Healthcare

"These issues concern our congregants, but they also concern the synagogue itself. We are ...insuring our employees, too."

-- Rabbi Laura Geller

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Austin Interfaith Victorious on Citizen Participation

"After months of complaints from Austin Interfaith over its limited ability to weigh in on funding for local nonprofits, the City of Austin now says that the group can give City Council members a piece of its mind."

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Bishops, with Pomona Valley – One LA Leaders, Call on Pomona Council to Halt Waste Transfer Station

"The public outcry against this project has been significant. The city has received over 1,000 letters… Large numbers of neighborhood people have gathered … Leaders within Pomona Unified School District have opposed the project… and an organizing effort which we greatly respect, the Pomona Valley Cluster of One LA, is working for justice with the people of Pomona in this matter."

-- Most Rev. Gabino Zavala, Auxiliary Bishop, San Gabriel Region, Archdiocese of LA, Roman Catholic Church

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Clergy of North Bay Sponsoring Committee Urge Temperance to Rebuild Culture of Civic Participation

Reverend Christoper Bell and Rabbi George Gittleman weigh in on anti-police reaction to hit and run tragedy in Sonoma County.

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Texas IAF Workforce Strategies Praised in National Media

MIT economist Paul Osterman names various Texas IAF strategies 'models' for the nation while discussing his new book, Good Jobs America: Making Work Better for Everyone.

In the New York Times he notes that despite low wages in the Rio Grande Valley, "the Valley is not organization Valley Interfaith has pushed for training opportunities and living wage jobs."

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Marin Organizing Committee Reforms Vehicle Impoundment Policy in San Rafael, Northern California

After assembling over 400 leaders to demand that elected officials in San Rafael include MOC in decision-making about the devastating impact of vehicle impoundment on working families, the San Rafael Police Department announced a change in the policy.

"Since forming a few years ago, the MOC has forged a potent new political force in the county." -- Pacific Sun

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Albuquerque Interfaith Leaders Fight Changes to New Mexico Driver’s License

"Organizations like the New Mexico Catholic Conference of Bishops and the Albuquerque Interfaith were Santa Fe this week to protest Gov. Susana Martinez's efforts to rescind the state law."

As part of its continuing battle against anti-immigrant efforts, AI leaders organized a 'Preach and Teach' on immigration the week before the state legislature opened. Fourteen congregations (Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Jewish, Unitarian, and Desciples of Christ) and two schools reached over 16,000 people with teachings on immigration from our faith and democratic traditions and on the myths being used in anti-immigrant efforts.

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Valley Interfaith Project Awarded Arizona Grant